"Give... money? Umm..."

Giving money. There is always a stigma around giving money. Whether it is for tithes, ministries, or even just giving up money for things like groceries, most people don't want to let go. We are attached to our money because it pays for the things that we need.

And the thing is, most, most churches (and Fellowship of Champions is no different) don’t like to talk about it much, because we worry that people will think that money is all we care about. But the truth is God talks about money, a lot. The reason is because God knows how money, having it, or not having it, can control a person’s life. We live in a culture driven by money. That’s at least part of the reason God asks us to give a portion of His resources back to Him. He wants us to put our faith into action in the area of our finances, so that He can show us that He can be trusted to provide all that we need, and more!

At Fellowship of Champions our mission is to help people live in God’s will in every area of his or her life, including finances. We want people to experience the freedom that comes through obedience and we have some great resources to help you understand the spiritual significance of giving. We also want to make giving more convenient for everyone. That’s why we’ve provided the option of giving online.

It’s exciting to experience God’s blessings in our lives as we give in obedience to Him, and to know that giving makes us part of the mission to help people discover that it’s not about a religion. It’s about a relationship! Thanks for being a part.