I have unlimited faith.  My faith is growing exceedingly, and flourishing, with phenomenal growth.  It has no limits, in range or scope.  I act with unlimited freedom, without reservation, or exception. 

My faith is limitless, It cannot be entirely consumed, or used up.  It is ever increasing, and growing greatly, more and more, all the time, until it is greatly enlarged, and unlimited in its capacity to obtain results. 

I can never reach, the greatest possible degree, of my faith.  I go beyond acceptable bounds.  There are no limits, to my faith’s ability.  My faith is not small, in range or scope.  I have unlimited success.  I have been placed, in a ministry, with partners and friends, who also have, unlimited faith, and who believe, in unlimited success.

I am not limited, to a just a few opportunities, I have unrestricted use, of my faith, no one, can place a limit on me, and no one, can limit the time it takes, for my faith, to manifest, God’s promise in my life. I cannot be confined or fixed by outside forces. 

My mission in life, is far above mediocrity. I am without limits, in size or quantity.  My faith is immeasurable, and boundless, in amount, number, degree and extent.  I have an unlimited supply of everything I need. I am, self-sufficient in God’s sufficiency.

I have a strong belief, in God’s super natural power, that controls my destiny. I have complete confidence in Him, and in His plan.  I am loyal to God’s cause.  I accept what He says as true.  I trust Him and I’m confident in Him. I always keep the faith.  My faith, grows and grows, until it becomes, bigger, than any problem or issue I could ever face.